Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lotus Flower Cuff

Do you remember the Flower applique I've made for my headband?
Well, with some changes on the pattern I've made a crochet cuff which is so cute, I think!
It's very simple, and it's one of the first times I'm using a crochet hook that it's smaller than the 4.00mm.
This is made by three Lotus Flower sewed together, and it closes by two beads.
Here's the pattern for this cute cuff:

2.50mm hook
Super Fine Cotton yarn (Orange or any other summer color)

Lotus Flower (make three):
Ch 3, join to make ring with sl st.
Round 1: ch2 (count as hdc), 7 hdc in ring, sl st to second ch of beg. ch2. (8 hdc)
Round 2: ch2 (count ad hdc), hdc in same space as joining, *2hdc in next hdc*. Repeat from * around, sl st to second ch of beg. ch2. (16 hdc)
Round 3: *ch3, skip 1 hdc, sc in next hdc*. Repeat from * around ending with sl st to previous joining st. (8 ch loops)
Round 4: *3 dc in next ch3 loop, ch2, 3 dc in same ch3 loop, sc in next sc*. Repeat from * around, ending with sl st to previous joining st.
Each Flower should measure 5.00cm in diameter.

Sew two petals of each flower, with two other petals.
Sew two small beads or buttons on the two petals of one edge flower.
If it's not clear at the end you should have your cuff like this:

Now attach yarn in the ch2 space of one petal of the other edge from beads.
Ch 11, sl st on the 8th ch from hook, ch3 and sl st on the same ch2 space of the petal.
Work the same for the other petal opposite to the buttons.
Here it is!
I'm so sorry if my english sometimes is not so clear, I will reply to any of your questions with pleasure!
This project is easier to make than to explain!;)


Lorena said...

HOw cute! I just love all your creations...I'm working on a knitted pair of hand warmers now.

creativeyarn said...

Thank you Lorena!
If you'll try this one, please let me know if it's clear or if you have problems to understand it.:)

Lorena said...

I'll try it and I'll let you know.
I also want to try your necklace/headband/bracelet...but it scares me off?!

Chrissy said...

Oh oh oh... I MUST learn how to crochet! I semi know how to... I can do the stiches, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to understand the lingo. I should probably just go and buy a book.

creativeyarn said...

Hi Chrissy!
I can tell you that I've learned completely from the internet, without any help from books..
You'll understand the lingo in a very small time, just by practising..It's an Italian who's speaking and I've learned just with English/American crochet sites!
Don't be afraid, and happy crocheting!
Hope I'll be of help with my patterns.

Chrissy said...

Well you see I learn from sight, but I'm going to my aunt's, who knows how to crochet so hopefully she can help. But thanks so much offering! I'll be sure to ask for help once I can find how to word my many questions... haha. Your creations are sooo adorable! I really admire you:)

creativeyarn said...

Thanks again Chrissy,
I would have loved to have an aunt or a grandma who could have teach me!
(OMG, is this phrase correct?!)
One of the nicest things with crochet is to work together with somebody else!
Ciao and thanks again!

Living Inspired said...

so beautiful!

MiddletreeMade said...

All of your work is absolutely beautiful! I myself go back and forth between crocheting and sewing and it's so inspiring to see your wonderful creativity and talent! :) I do have a question for you. I'm kind of new to blogger and I want to add picture links to my etsy site, how did you add yours to blogger? Keep up the good work!

creativeyarn said...

Hi MiddleTreeMade(I don't know your name!)..Thanks so much for your comment!
You have to go on "Your Etsy" page, and clik the last link of the left side list, called "Etsy Mini". Here you make the code(following the instructions), that you have to copy and paste on your blogger page, using the button html/java script on the Layout page.
Hope it's clear..
Ciao and thanks again!

Tim said...

Good Job! :)

Jewels said...

I love this pattern. But I can't figure out what 'hdc' means. ??? :(

nia said...

to Jewels: hdc is half-double crochet

to CreativeYarn: Thanks for the pattern, still lovin'it~

sagu's fantasy said...

hiya your flower cuff looks really pretty i'm gonna try doing it . i'm learning crochet by video and blogs i'm learning step by step 2.50 hook is no 8 or 6 cause i'm using japan steel hooks aand the number are diff i'm confuse. wat is worst weight yarn ?

Christina said...

hi! i'm a bit confused by this part of the pattern:

*3 dc in next ch3 loop, ch2, 3 dc in same ch3 loop, sc in next sc*

Does this mean you make a double crochet in each of the three chain stitches, then chain two and go back the opposite direction and double crochet in the same three stitches, or are you skipping to the third stitch in the chain3 loop?


Christina said...

Wait, i was able to figure it out. =)

Bree said...

Hi I am such a fan of your site... I am constantly in it admiring and daring myself to try some of hyour pieces. You see, I am new to crocheting and knitting, I've learned through the online videos and am now venturing out to written patterns such as yours... the funny thing is that I wasn't really paying attention to yarn types until the Lotus Flower cuff... oh my God I love it... so anyway I did the first lotus flower and it came out awesome..because I used the wrong yarn which made them come out big and I soon realized I could not use them to make a bracelet. Well I was still excited and went and purchased some gorgeous colors thinking I would knock out a few and give to friends or sell or whatever.. but to my dismay.. I am having such a hard time using that yarn and needle.. it is soooooo fine, boo hoo... does practice make perfect... I cant control this freaking thread... its just so loose.. any suggestions?

Rachel said...

I LOVE this! Just made it in a wine color and it is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns!

singapore florist said...

your creation is just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your so good!
im fifteen, and love crocheting!
your work really inspires me, thanks. I love you website too!

HJC Editor said...

Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.


Andressa Lopes said...

Parabéns! amei teu blog.
Fiquei muito feliz em conhece-lo.

mustrica said...

Hello! I found your beautiful cuff and pattern. Thanks for sharing. Please, come and see how is mine turned with a small adoptions.

Best regards, Irena, Zagreb

mustrica said...

ops, my link

Kristen Thomas said...

I love this pattern. I recreated this cuff bracelet in size 10 white crochet cotton with a .75mm hook. I had to make an extra flower be cause of the change in yarn and hook size but it came out beautifully. I made one for mayself and I am making another for my matron of honor for my wedding. I may stitch some white seed pearls on it to make it a little more formal. Thank you for your pattern.