Saturday, January 19, 2008

Emerald Green Handwarmers

Another pair!
I know, i'm obsessed by handwarmers..but i really love them!
These are in a beautiful emerald green Merinos extrafine wool, soft and cozy.
The pattern? A sudden inspiration, that i've obviously wrote down to share..every girl should have a pair of this!

One ball 100% Merinos wool extrafine (50g/135m) Emerald Green
4.00mm Straight Needles

k = knit
p = purl
st/sts = stitch/stitches

Moss stitch:
Row1: *k1,p1*
Row2: *p1,k1*

Stockinette stitch:
Row1: knit across
Row2: purl across

Double Moss stitch:
Row1-2: *k1,p1*
Row3-4: *p1,k1*

Handwarmers (make two!):
Cast on 34 sts.
Work in Moss st for 3 Rows.
Work in Stockinette st for 12 Rows (you should end up with a purl row).
Start with Double Moss stitch, and repeat the pattern rows 6 times, ending with row4.
Work 4 Rows in Stockinette st and then 3 more rows in Moss st.
Bind off loosely in Moss st using a 5.00mm needle.

Fold in half the piece and sew sides:
from top down 2cm.
from bottom up 8cm
leaving 3,5cm open for thumb hole.