Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lotus Flower Cuff

Do you remember the Flower applique I've made for my headband?
Well, with some changes on the pattern I've made a crochet cuff which is so cute, I think!
It's very simple, and it's one of the first times I'm using a crochet hook that it's smaller than the 4.00mm.
This is made by three Lotus Flower sewed together, and it closes by two beads.
Here's the pattern for this cute cuff:

2.50mm hook
Super Fine Cotton yarn (Orange or any other summer color)

Lotus Flower (make three):
Ch 3, join to make ring with sl st.
Round 1: ch2 (count as hdc), 7 hdc in ring, sl st to second ch of beg. ch2. (8 hdc)
Round 2: ch2 (count ad hdc), hdc in same space as joining, *2hdc in next hdc*. Repeat from * around, sl st to second ch of beg. ch2. (16 hdc)
Round 3: *ch3, skip 1 hdc, sc in next hdc*. Repeat from * around ending with sl st to previous joining st. (8 ch loops)
Round 4: *3 dc in next ch3 loop, ch2, 3 dc in same ch3 loop, sc in next sc*. Repeat from * around, ending with sl st to previous joining st.
Each Flower should measure 5.00cm in diameter.

Sew two petals of each flower, with two other petals.
Sew two small beads or buttons on the two petals of one edge flower.
If it's not clear at the end you should have your cuff like this:

Now attach yarn in the ch2 space of one petal of the other edge from beads.
Ch 11, sl st on the 8th ch from hook, ch3 and sl st on the same ch2 space of the petal.
Work the same for the other petal opposite to the buttons.
Here it is!
I'm so sorry if my english sometimes is not so clear, I will reply to any of your questions with pleasure!
This project is easier to make than to explain!;)