Monday, November 2, 2009

About my free patterns

Hello my dear followers!
This is a post on my free patterns, the past ones and all those that will come (soon, hopefully).
I've seen many people selling items made using my free patterns on their Etsy Shops.
Some of them asked me to do so, and some other not.
I want to say here my opinion on this issue:
I'm happy and have really no problem if you sell things made with my free patterns in your shops, my Creative Commons Licence say that you can use, share and even modify the pattern yourself; it also say that you can't sell it (the pattern itself), and that you have to attribute the work to the author.
As I told to everyone who asked me to sell items made with my original patterns, I'm glad that you enjoy them and also use them to make cute items to sell on your shops; I'm only asking to write in your blogs and your shops who is the author of the pattern you're using for your items...that's all!
I think this is a nice way to let me know that you appreciate my work, and I'd be so thankful for that!
Hugs and best wishes to all of you!

p.s.: let me know your opinion on this post if you want!