Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ciao Everybody!

Hi girls, it's such a long time that I don't write on my blog!
I have to say that I miss it a little, even if I'm still receiving many comments on my free patterns and that's making me so happy every time.
I'm sorry if I'm not replying to all of them, but this is the first time since more than a year that I enter my blogger account, and really the first time by then that I have something new to show you.

This is a ribbed cowl made from this Lionbrand Free Pattern, very easy and fun to make. A piece made to start again with knitting..
I've been doing other stuff during this period, first of all learning how to use the sewing machine. Sometimes I need to learn something new and to make different things, and that's why I've quit chocheting and knitting for a while.
Can you see? I've also cut all my's the first time I have them so short!:) Many changes this year!
Now I feel I'm ready again to have hooks and needles in my heands, so I can say that probably some new free patterns are coming out...within this year hopefully!
I'm still trying to do some sewing stuff, but I'm a beginner with the sewing machine as I've always handsewed in the past. We'll see.
How about you?
I hope you had a great 2010, and I wish you an even greater 2011.
As you can see this is more a letter to my blog readers, instead of an usual blog post. It came out naturally while writing, as I feel you're like real friends to me. That's because of all your nice comments left here for me and your support and appreciation.
Thanks dear readers, hope to write back soon,