Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Father-in-law's tie

I've just married an incredible man. We've been living together for almost four years now, and we share our ideas and interest with love. The day before our wedding was the birthday of his parents..yes, they're born on the same day! They are very sweet persons and, as last year i've made a beret for her, this year i'm trying to make a tie for him. The pattern is the "knit necktie" from Lionbrand.
I've started crocheting and knitting to make gifts for the people i love, and this has been a great inspiration to me. I've enjoyed it so much, that now it is one of my favorite occupation, and i'm always thinking about new stuff i could make, drawing down sketches of my ideas.
I also think that it is a good psychological exercise, it brings you in a quiet and relaxing state of mind, which is really hard to be in this frantic and chaotic society.
So, Happy Crafting!