Friday, March 14, 2008

Others Last Year's Spring Projects

Here's two others no-pattern projects I've made last year..
They're all made with a beautiful bright cotton yarn in different colours.
The first is a lace wrap vest, crocheted with a 4.00mm hook and closed by a small belt (more pics on my Etsy).It tooks some time to make this because of the lace pattern and the three pieces, fronts and back, that I've worked separately.

This other one is a striped top with belt (again more pics here), which was easier to make:
I've started with the sc top of which the ends are sewed together on the back, and then I've worked the rest of the body in rounds from top down, simply increasing some st and changing colour in stripes.
I've added a sc small belt that you can put at the waist's height you prefer!
I like very much how they've came out, and most of all because they're the first projects I've ever made.