Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cute Tie-Front Shrug

Here's another last year's creation of which I haven't got a pattern, because it was a sudden inspiration that kept me working with my hook and yarn without rest!
I'm sorry, I would love to share this really cute pattern...
Anyway it's not a very difficoult pattern, and you can try to make it yourself: with 4.00mm hook, start working in one piece from the bottom up, making a ch long enough to wrap around your bust, plus about 40 chs more on each side for the tie. Work in dc across for two rows and then start the body piece, leaving the tie's stitches unworked.

You should work with this motif on the entire body, decreasing a dc on each side (neck shape), until you've reached the armholes. Here you should divide back piece from the two front pieces.
On each front piece continue decreasing at neck sides and start decreasing even at shoulders for some rows. On the back piece, just decrease the same number of stitches you've done for the shoulder's sides of the front pieces.
I don't know how I've made those pretty puff sleeves, maybe it was the fortune of the beginner!!
I'm sure that you can improvise as I did, and make it right!