Monday, May 26, 2008

Yes, again the same pattern!

I'm impressed on how many different uses has this pattern!
Starting from the same concept I've done necklaces, headbands and now even a bracelet!
My husband says this looks like an octopus, and I agree with him..:)
This is made by nine same length crocheted strands, ending on both edges in simple crochet piece, one of them with two buttonholes.
I like it so much and I'm planning to make some more. These stuff are perfect for the summer days that are almost here!
Today in Rome is sooo warm!


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

It does look like an octopus. So cute! I like it very much. The color is beautiful!

missindie said...

Hi Marta! I love the pieces you make. You are so creative and you inspire me so much. I always get excited when I come to your blog because I can't wait to see what else you've come up with :] I love Mojave 3 [you have to check out Neil Halstead's solo work, its beautiful] and I just watched your husband's "Balloon" video. The song is so lovely! He's very talented. Is there anywhere I can purchase his music?

Rina said...

So beautiful !!
Thanks for the idea :-)

MzSlyde said...

OH YEAH - I am going to be making this one.
I have already done the necklace a few times. I love this.
I have some really cool buttons to use with it too.

Becca said...

i LOVE this, and the other things from this pattern. Your designs are super cute.
(oh, and i'm so jealous you're in Rome! Chicago is just rainy and cool. it hasn't made up it's mind to be summer yet)

creativeyarn said...

Many thanks to you all girls!
Sharing patterns and ideas is wonderful, and it's even more pleasant when I receive such nice comments!!:)

Anonymous said...

How many chains and single crochets did you use? Sorry and thanks!!

creativeyarn said...

I don't remember exactly the number of chains and simple crochets..but you have to make the first chain loop long enough to wrap your wrist. I think my simple crochets are 8 for each ends of the bracelet!

Kyliie said...

I love this! I made one today but its brown!

Jania said...

Hi Marta, thank you so much for sharing your free patterns. I love them all especially the necklace and bracelet. I look forward to viewing more of your creativity.

Mimi said...

Thanks a lot.I was looking for a simple & quick pattern like this one.You saved my day.Many thanks.

kathy said...

I love your patterns. I have mad the necklace and bracelet. What kind of yarn did you use for your bracelet. I used a worsted weight but wondered how a sock weight would work

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Oh yes - I want to do this.
I have made several necklace. I love this.
I have some cool button to use it too
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